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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Special Awards and The Sorting Hat

Ever think of Tom Riddle's Special Award for Services to the School. Now that is very important to Voldemort because it connects him to Hogwarts. The school that he felt very connected to. He loved Hogwarts, it was his home. So wouldn't it make sense to make that a horcrux? Possibly but would he really want to put a horcrux right in the hands of Dumbledore? Yes. He would because Dumbledore, if he ever found out his secret (as he did before he got killed) would not expect it to be sitting just down the hall from his office. Now here is where Voldemort under-estimates Dumbledore's intelect. Dumbledore used the pensieve to help him figure out Voldemorts secrets. He now told Harry and Harry now knows Voldemort's secret too. Now in the scene where Dumbledore rejects Voldemort's job application for D.A.D.A teacher, Voldemort jinxes the job. Now if Voldemort had enough time to jinx the job wouldn't he have had enough time to make his special award a horcrux. I mean for all we know it could just be a spell to do it. Another piece of evidence is that in book two Ron has to wash the trophy room and it seems that everytime Ron touches the shield he starts to chuck slugs all over the shield and has to re-wash it, again and again. Now Horcruxes have a very magical piece of power. Could that mean that it could take your current condition and double it? Like if he has a problem it will cause the problem to double itself? Now the other part... going back to the same scene Voldemort twitches his hand in the pocket of his robes when Dumbledore gets him angry. Harry thinks that he is clenching his wand but it is possible that Harry overlooked it. The Sorting Hat. If Voldemort flicked his wand then its possible that he made the sorting hat a horcrux right? Now there is only that one part of evidence for that theory but it is possible, right?

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