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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Harry and Ginny Potter?

Things are looking pretty good for these two to hit it off. They definetly like each other and the connection between them has been growing ever since book 4. Now there is just one small little problem... Voldemort. Yah, not too small i guess. Harry tells Ginny at the end of HBP that they have to take a break for a little while. Ginny agrees. Harry still likes her, or loves her we don't know for complete sure if they actually do love each other enough to get married but... we will wait and see. Now we all want this to work out right? There are just some things in the way. 1.) Voldemort 2.) Death Eaters 3.) Horcruxes 4.) The possibility of either Harry or Ginny dieing since they are all main targets for the killing curse. 5.) The protection at Hogwarts is over (a.k.a : fall of the Order and Dumbledore's death). This screws everything up for our hopes. I actually think that Harry will make it out alive but Ginny might not. J.K. did announce that another person will die, that she did not expect to until last minute. She also said that it would be impossible for someone to make a sequel. ( But the last chapter is the epilogue so maybe Harry and Ginny die because of old age or something?) More on this when more information gets out to us. Keep checking in.

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