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Monday, January 15, 2007

Horcruxes: Where are they?

There are many theories relating to where the horcruxes are but we are going to take our best shot at predicting some... 1.) the orphanage... Tom Riddle spent his entire young life there and in his wardrobe he liked to collect trophies, what better place to put one of his finest trophies ever... his soul. 2.)Riddle house... Yes he hated his father and he hates the fact that he has anything to do with muggles but, it is still his heritage and that is the place that he committed his first murder isn't it? His entire muggle side of the family. 3.) Hogwarts... He felt devoted to this place it was like his home, he loved it. It is where he learned many things from and it is where he learned about his true heritage. He was probably like a big Draco Malfoy, hating mudbloods and treating everyone like dirt because he is the biggest bully on the playground. Riddle found the entrance to the chamber there and had an award to the school for special services. It was his life. 4.) Borgin and Burkes... it was his first job and it is where he was employed when he found the cup and the locket. He learned many dark things from having the job. These are the places that I can only think of after my analysis. As we learn more aboutthe upcoming book we may be able to decide what certain things will be and where exactly everything will be. Keep checking in for the latest.

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