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Friday, January 12, 2007

"Power the Dark Lord knows not"

Well we already know about what that power is but how in the world is it going to help save Harry from death with the ability to love? I mean Dumbledore loved and he got killed? I think that there will be something that gives Harry enough magical power to overthrow Voldemort. possibly a scene with Ginny? Will Harry's love for Ginny power up his magical ability sort of like a happier memory powers up a patronus? Thsi is essential to the plot of DH because the final battle between good and evil will occur. Harry has to defeat Voldemort to restore peace. Voldemort has to defeat Harry to gain the power he seeks. Dumbledore is no longer with them and Harry has to destroy horcruxes which can hurt his body if he doesn't do it right. And all through this Harry still loves Ginny. Now that is powerful, but is it the kind of power that Harry needs? This is just an analyzed guess. Love over evil. It just makes sense doesn't it?

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