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Friday, January 12, 2007

Deathly Hallows?

Many people are opposed to different theories when it comes down to this subject. Mayy people think it means the horcruxes. Many think it is a place. Others have their own opinions about it but those are the major ones. Personally I can't really determine exactly what they are yet. No one can. But just because we know we can't why not try, right? So lets look at these two theories in particular. Horcruxes. J.K. said that book 6 would give us a lot of answers. She said that it was leading us inot the final installment in the beloved series. So why would she not make the main plot finding and destroying the horcruxes. Now so far this is enough to get anyone to believe that that is what DH means but... has J.K. ever really came out and told us the entire plot in the title, knowing that we already know that horcruxes are going to be in the 7th book? This question is the breaking point. Why would she tell us that the entire plot was about Horcruxes in the title? How about she makes the title about something else big in the book like a place where something important is going to happen. It also could mean a different thing or an action like someone rising from the dead somehow? These are other theories but there are many more. This is pretty much all we know right now. We are still trying to analyze all of the previous books. We know that there is a key to at least part of the plot hidden in the 4th and the veil in the 5th. The 6th is full of answers, you just gotta know how to read between the lines. Especially in the scene where Dumbledore gets killed. There is something odd there as I explained in a previous post. As soon as I have pieced together anything that could possibly relate to DH it will be right here on Potter Analyst. Keep checking in!

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