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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mugglenet Fan Fiction

There are over 5,000 stories by fans for fans on this site. If you are as hyped up about it all just as much as I am or even more, YOU NEED TO CHECK THIS OUT! It has stories for anyone interested in HP and more! I can make a few suggestions on romance fics between Harry and Ginny which seem to be my favorite right now even though I normally hate romance books no offense to anyone. These are some funny and good stories and as I keep beta-reading them for you I will give you guys more suggestions and reviews on other stories. My suggestions and reviews are below are listed below. Thanks and keep checkin in.

Reviews: None currently, explore for yourself until I can get them up. Thanks!

Suggestions on reading: (Rated 14 and older for language and some sexual situations )-

More on the way but these for now:

Life Happens By: Colorof Angels

Just Married... Kinda By: ColorofAngels

A Glint of Gold By: hpmaniac666

(Rated 11 and older)-

His Heart died too By: RavenclawRose

Harry Potter and the Power of One By: Dumbledora

Looking for a Reason By: RonIsMyHomeboy

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