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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

From GinnyPotter Forums, Our Very Own Staples Goes To Dumbledore's Aid...

From a Post on GinnyPotter.com:
Dumbledore May Not Be Dead
Well i am sticking to it. I think that the master plan between Dumbly and Snape involved something else, that we don't know about so I think that little piece may be the fact that he isn't dead or if he is there is something left for Harry, or some way of communicating
In HBP Slughorn has all those potions lined up on his table and explains each one (well Hermione does) and later in the book you see each and every potion on the table used or at least mentioned, except for one.
Love potion, (Romilda and the chocolates) (Voldy's mother)
Felix Felicis, (Harry and the D.A.)
Polyjuice, (Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle.)
Veritaserum, (Mentioned that Ministry officialls are using it to interrogate people, and it is implied that Vold eort is using it too.)
Then we have The Draught of Living Death, Well what isf the potion that Dumbledore drank in the cave was just that?
What if whatever the potion that was in it also had some Draught in it? I mena we find out that it is a pale liquid that can be put into other peoples drinks and etc. Why not into other potions? Dumbledore was weakened by thr epotion, maybe becasue he was battling the effects of him being put tinto ta deep deep sleep. He does fall over a few times, mentioned while they are in the cave.
Also there is the evidence from the very very first potions class that Harry had. It was with Snape in year one. Snape asks him three questions, Each one of the answers are mentioned in HBP
Snape asks: what is the difference between Monkswood and Wolfsbane? Where do you find a bezoar? What would I get if I added Asphodel and Wormwood together?
Monkswood and Wolfbane same plant and used in Werewolf potions in which Lupin has to take every full moon.
Bezoar is found in the stomack of a goat and is used for Ron when he gets poisoned. Asphodel and Wormwood? Draught of Living Death. there is the foreshadowing evidence, and what is more is that Snape is the one who tells thsi all to you. Talk about foreshadowing. Now if you people still don't think that Chpt. 8 in SS could possibly b connected with Chpt. 9 HBP look at the chapter art on both of them, its not much but it proves that they are connected and I think that Jo did it on purpose. She wanted the chpt. art to be a book, and not just a book but a book in which you could see dust coming out of. Mybe the picture of the book in SS was the exact book pictured in HBP, The half blood prince's potion book. I mean if Snape teaches out of his old potion book then it makes perfect sense why he woudl have asked those qustions in particular.
There is some of the evidence I have to give on why D.I.S.A. is a possible theory club.
I will defend my theroy to the ver end so if I still didn't convince you even a little bit, feel free to keep challenging my theory. Ok and here is another thing, Polyjuice Potion. If Dumbly was really Dumbly then why did he use bottles to store his memories in. kind of like he did with Bob Ogden’s, if it was really Dumbly then why did he use the bottles? he could've just did what he did in the 4th book and take them right out of his mind and put it into the pensieve. What if it wasn't really Dumbly the entire time, maybe the Dumbly that was playing Dumbly is murdered but the real Dumbledore is still alive. What if he did what most of us believe Regulus did, faked his death (RAB) I am using exactly what Jo gave us. There is more evidence to suggest that my theory is right than there is to say that Dumbledore is dead, two in fact, Jo’s word and Snape 'killing him'
Me, I put my evidence up, and there is still more coming... Dumbly is not dead, at least not entirely, Harry will get to correspond with him somehow in the seventh and it won't be just by a freakin picture!!!

Going back to Jo’s word saying that Dumbly is dead. She has tricked us before, in ways but never like this. Sure she might have been hinting at something else. I believe what she said was that he won’t be doing Gandalf, meaning not coming back from the dead, but what if he never died? As I mentioned, Polyjuice or Draught of Living Death. Anything is possible. In fact we know that Dumbly is mentioned in the seventh a few times because she said that he was giving her some trouble when she was still writing. Put it al together and you come out with my conclusion. Dumbledore will have some kind of contact with Harry in the seventh, but it will be real help. Not just talking to a picture, besides Jo gave us the biggest and best foreshadowing of this in the second book, COS,
“I will only have truly left Hogwarts when none here who remain are loyal to me.”
So there is more of my evidence and I even mentioned the only two pieces saying that Dumbledore is dead, and I contradicted them with my own, in fact Jo kind of in a way contradicted herself. She is great writer and is trying to keep us with all of the suspense that we can get until the release of DH.

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