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Friday, May 4, 2007

Is Snape Good or Evil?

This is the question that everyone is talking about right now, mostly because of Border's stickers and "There Will Soon Be Seven" from Scholastic. But what side is he really on? We will help you with this question due to our extensive research into the last six books.

Here are just a few points right now- (More later)

Snape Is Good:
1.) He works for the Order.(Book 5 and 6)
2.) He contacted the Order when he knew that HArry was trying to get to Sirius. (Book 5)
3.) He had Dumbledore's trust.
4.) He told Dumbledore that he was sorry and that he knew he had made a big mistake BEFORE Voldemort actually committed the killings of Lily and James.
5.) There is some evidence (we will point out in a later post) that Snape might even have been there at the Potter residence when Voldemort killed the Potters.
6.) He was so determined to get revenge on Sirius whe he thought that he was guilty of handing over the Potters to Voldemort. He was too determined for it to have just been an old grudge. (More evidence to prove that coming up later too.)

Snape is Evil:
1.) He killed Dumbledore!
2.)He hates Harry, and is always trying to get him expelled.
3.) He was a Slytherin.
4.) He favors the children of known death eaters.
5.) He made an unbreakable vow with a death eater.
6.) He is on his way to become the third most powerful wizard in the world. (Evidence later.)
7.) He handed Voldemort information on the Potter's.
8.) He doesn't really get along with any of the Order members.
9.) He has Voldemort's trust. And we all know that that is hard to earn.

The Potter Analyst Team's Views: (as of right now)
4 out of 5 of us think that Snape is fighting on the good side, and that he has a strange mystery that explains his actions. We all believe that he will be a key part in either the destruction of Voldemort or the destruction of Harry. Most of us also believe that he will play a major role in whether Harry finds and destroys the Horcruxes as well.

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