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Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Cover, New theory

We have all seen it, the new deluxe edition cover for DH. What to do? Analyze.
A few things to point out before we get to the big stuff:
Does that look a little familiar? Sort of like hArry's dream in OOTP except now he has his tewo friends with him too.
The scar is not recognizalbe. It may still be there, but what if it is not?
The town, could it be in Godric's Hollow?
The sunset, what does it really mean? The same color is also in the American edition.
Now in Sorcerer's Stone here was a line that we still do not understand. Dumbledore says that he can make himself invisible without the aid of any cloak. The dragon on he cover has a very similar resemblance to Dumbledore, and it also is believed to be an Opaleye dragon. Now if this really is him, it would explain a few things. Such as the reason why Jo makes the element of fire so important in the series and the fact that Dumbly was one of the two people to find all twelve uses of Dragon's blood. Also Opaleye dragons have a special ability that they can turn invisible at their own will, if this is Dubledroe in an animagus form than wouldn't that make sense? More reasons:
He is very close to Fawkes, they both can fly and probably communicate with each other somehow.
He seemed a little disturbed when Slughorn had wasted dragon's blood on the walls.
He also, as an accomplish wizard would most likely have enough magical ability to bcome an animagus.
Dragon's cannot be tamed very easily at all, and three young adults with no training what so ever could not possibley be riding a normal dragon.
More on this later as we unfold even more clues.

But this one thing may be a very crucial part of the story. if all of this is true, then with the rest of the evidence that our very own Stapels has found, it proves none the less that Dumbledore is still alive and that Severus Snape is still on the Order's side.

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