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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stuff we NEED to look at...

Ok so we have the cover out, so what are we going to do? Analyze of course!!!!!
Above is the cover art, edited to highlight major things with in the picture(click to see anotations).
Where are they? What's up with the stadium thing?
What's up with the rocks and pieces of wood?
What are the people in the backround doing?
Why don't either of them have wands?
What is the curtain about? Is it something from the first book (curtain on cover art with person and teacup)? Or is it the mysterious veil? Or is it just a curtain?
What is up with the position of Voldy's and Harry's hands?
Harry has a locket on, is it slytherins? Or is it something we will learn about in the book?
Harry's scar isn't visible, Is it just behind his hair(even though Mary has shown the scar in all of the books cover art so far)? Or is it gone?
Also, the sky? Why that color? Is it sunset? Is something happening? Or is it just like that because of something else happening?
These are jsut a few questions. Will we get the answers to them before the book comes out?

Also I promised you guys more on Emmeline Vance and Ollivander.
I have concluded along with the Potter Analyst team, that Emmeline isn't dead. We will stay on this just to make sure that we can back up our theory with more than the one piece of evidence that we have to conclude this.
Also, we have concluded that Ollivander is on Voldemort's side. I will tell you all of the evidence we have on this in a later post.
-Potter Analyst

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