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Friday, December 29, 2006

Emmeline Vance

In OotP we hear about Emmeline during the flight to Grimmauld Place. We also hear of her only one other time through the entire series... when she dies. Snape tells Bellatrix in HBP that he led Voldemort with his information to the recent capture and murder of Emmeline just around the corner of the Prime Ministers offices. when we hear that we think of three things... 1.) what was she doing there? 2.) Why would Snape tell Voldemort information to lead to the capture and death of a member of the Order? 3.)Is Snape really on the Order's side then or did he fake Emmeline's death? We won't know until book 7 but I don't think that we heard the end of her in fact she could be the one major (hidden) clue that lets us guess where Snape's loyalty truly lies. We don't really know but she could be the answer.... more on her later.

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