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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dumbledore? Mysteries and theories.

Many people believe that Dumbledore is dead and that is it. No more. Harry will have to survive without his help. Others believe that Dumbledore is still alive. There are many theories on this but really I think that there is something that J.K. didn't bring to our attebtion. She hid it between the lines of reading and because many people were so shocked at what had happened at the end of the book that people missed what was happening behind it all. all of this will be explained in book 7 but do we really want to wait that long? For those of you that believe that Dumbledore is dead. There is a fan fiction book out there that is basically book7. This guy named A.P. Towne wrote a book called Harry Potter and the end of the mark. You can read it for free on www.harrypotterfanclub.com. It was excellent reading but, it does not include details of what deep readers and analyzers want. We want to know what really happened on the lightning struck tower that night. We want to know what was up with the locket and why Dumbledore died the way he did. Why did Snape have a different expression on his face and why did Dumbledore start talking to severus the way he did on the tower it was either a plea or it was telling severus something like please don't do it or please do it. There was a plan. Was Dumbledore afraid of severus or was he asking him to do what Dumbledore wanted. J.K. Rowling did give a major clue that I the first time I read HBP I just looked over it thinking that it wasn't important. When I re read it though I was amazedthat I looked over it. On page405-406(american version) Snape and Dumbledore are arguing over something and Dumbledore wants something done that Snape agreed to do but no longer wants to do. This means that Snape is still listening to Dumbledore and folowing orders because Snaoe did not come out and say no iwon't do it. He is still loyal to dumbledore so why would he later betray Dumbledore? I belive that Dumbledore is dead but I can't be completly positive on it. J.K. said something about Dumbledore not being able to come back like Gandalf did. Well maybe that is exactly what she plans to do? Maybe she realized that people are starting to find out more than she wanted or maybe she accidently put to much information in the book as www.dumbledoreisnotdead.com predicts. Whatever it is nobody can completely prove any of these theories until book 7 comes out.

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